Coating and Lamination Machines

Coating and Lamination are a very integral part of the flexible packaging process. Coating, generally done on films, paper or foil enhances physical or aesthetic properties of the substrate. While lamination is where two or more webs are put together using a bonding agent. Lamination process is mainly used to improve barrier properties and physical appearance.
There are various types of coating and lamination processes available and the process is decided on the basis of end application of the packaging material.

Technical Data

As these requirements are highly requirement and application driven we can offer the following:-


a.) Types of Coating methods offered

  1. Gravure
  2. Air Knife
  3. Reverse Roll
  4. 3 Roll
  5. 5 Roll
  6. Coma
  7. Mayer Bar


b.) Widths offered: 400 mm to 4000 mm


c.) Applications

  1. PVDC Coating
  2. Mica Coating
  3. Print Receptive Coating
  4. Thermal Coating


d.) Some of the esteemed clients of our manufacturing partner

  1. 3M
  2. Amcor
  3. ACG Pharma
  4. Cosmo Films
  5. Garware
  6. Crompton Greaves
  7. Power Band IPG Group