Inkjet jet printing machine

As the name suggests it is a process of jetting ink onto a substrate through a well-defined/ comprehensible parameter which is also called as non-contact printing. Since this technology requires no plates, inkjet printers offer the advantage of major savings in printing set up time compared to conventional printing systems that require a fixed printing block or plate, etc. (e.g. screen printing).
There are basically two types of inkjet printing systems scan printing and single-pass printing. In scan printing, the printhead moves to and fro in x axis direction making several passes to complete the image printing process. While in single-pass printing, the printhead remains in a fixed position and completes image printing in a single pass while the print material is moved underneath. Due to this single-pass systems are coming into use in the field of industrial printing where high productivity is required.


  • Prints directly on corrugated/board sheets without plates or any pre-processes.
  • Can print any sheet
  • Capable of Variable data printing on all sheets
  • Inbuilt sheet cleaning system
  • Fully automatic head cleaning system
  • No ink wastage as it is equipped with ink re-circulating system
  • Adjustable print head height
  • Robust industrial design
  • Upgradation from 1 color to 4 color
  • Can also print on low quality craft paper and card board

Technical Data

Automated Manual
Technology Piezo Inkjet Peizo Inkjet
Colors 16.7 million using process CMYK colors. 16.7 million using process CMYK colors.
Max Resolution 720 dpi. 720 dpi
Speed 500mm/sec Production mode 500 sqft/hr
Size width 100mm to 1500mm 1220 X 2439 mm or 3048 X 1982 mm
Length 100mm to 3000mm
Sheet thickness min 1mm to 50mm min 1mm to 50mm