Stack Flexo Printing Machines

Stack Flexo is one of the oldest printing techniques used across the globe and has evolved over the years to offer wider range of applications and solutions for higher productivity. Besides its conventional applications like the bakery, garments, carry bag segments Stack Flexo Printing Machines are now being used to print at high speeds for coalition shrink film, oil, milk, courier bags, paper bags, woven sacks, non woven, applications.


We offer Stack Flexo Printing Machines for printing on films for wide range of applications. The machines can be duly customized according to the client’s production and operating needs.

Particular Unit Stack Flexo Printing Machines for Films
Production Speed m/min 250 200 150 80
Web Width mm 500-1500
Print Repeat Range mm 300 to 1400 mm
Applications Coalition Shrink Film for beverage industry wrap around, Oil, Milk, Courier Bags, Paper Bags, BOPP wrap around, Bakery products Bakery products, Water Pouches, Carry Bags, Paper Bags,
Optional Features Sleeves for faster changeover, Online Slitting, Non- stop production at unwind and rewind, Online Slitting, Double Track, Non-Stop production at unwind and rewind, etc.

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